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Welcome to Dog Walking Dunfermline, a company ran by a passionate dog walker operating across Fife. Collectively, we have over 10 years experience working with and handling dogs, and can provide the perfect service for your beloved pet. Our walks can be held in Dunfermline or anywhere in Fife – we always let our clients decide! Get in touch with us today for a free quote and for more information!


Our Experience

Formerly a kennel worker, I’ve worked with dogs for most of my adult life. I’ve had other roles in retail and other business sectors but I think I enjoy the company of dogs more than I enjoy the company of humans! What started as an enjoyable hobby has evolved into a business that I run with my partner. We couldn’t think of anything else that we would rather be doing!

The best walking areas in Dunfermline and the rest of Fife

Dunfermline is full of great places to take dogs for walks, and we like to think that we have a pretty good idea of the best places to head for the ultimate walk! There are also loads of good places for walks around Fife! Check out some of our favourite locations below:

The Glen Pavilion Park

The Glen has long been a favourite for dogs and their owners from Dunfermline, but I will admit that it is a slightly controversial area to add to the list. There are many people who think that dogs shouldn’t be allowed to be walked in this area, due to the high number of people that are there. But as long as you are a responsible owner, there is no reason that the park can’t be a great place to take your dog. We quite often take dogs here and they have a ball!

Lochore Meadows

This is easily one our favourite places for a walk, and the dogs love it too! There is a path that goes right round the loch, so you get a great view as you walk round. Plus, it’s very popular amongst dog owners, so there are plenty of people to interact with!

Devilla Forest

We must admit the first few times we went here we got completely lost! It is a large forest and there are so many winding paths to choose. But it has become a favourite place of ours to take the dogs for a great walk, and we don’t get lost anymore!


So there are a few of our favourite places to take dogs for a proper walk. Of course, your dogs will probably have their own areas that they love walking around, which is no problem for us – we love finding new walking areas!