Welcome to Woof Walkers Unleashed where we offer professional dog training and dog walking services, covering the Dunfermline area and West Fife villages. We offer a friendly, flexible and reliable service for your dog.

Opening Hours: 8am to 6pm DAILY


Our Philosophy

With over 30 years’ qualified experience of working with and training dogs, central to our philosophy is creating a positive environment which produces happy and balanced dogs. We use modern, kind, force-free training methods in all our services. Positive reinforcement in the home and the environment in which they are walked sees dogs gaining treats, toys and praise for displaying the correct behaviour – which all dogs love. We work with owners to help them better understand their dog in order to achieve training success, a positive environment where their dog can thrive and what to do to live a happy and relaxed life with their canine friend. We are fully committed to dogs in our care and tend to them as if they were our own. We only walk a maximum of three dogs plus one of our training dogs at any one time. This stops pack mentality, affords plenty of individual attention and ensures maximum enjoyment for all dogs.



The Best Walking and Training Areas in Dunfermline and West Fife Villages

We are based at either end of the Torry Bay Nature Reserve on the Coastal Path right on the shores of the River Forth at Crombie Point and Torryburn. Whether your lovely dog enjoys open space, woodland adventures or being by the water, our ideal and safe location ensures we have it covered. By only walking small numbers of dogs we provide off leash socialisation at its best, all while working on good manners, recall and participating in fun activities. Walks are structured to suit the dogs and dogs being walked together are carefully chosen based on breeds, temperament, capabilities, ages and sizes. Pick up and drop off, washing and drying is included in our prices as well as treats, toys and poo bags. Dogs are kept safe and comfortable while in transit. We are fully insured and police checked.


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