We strive to develop unique and strong bonds between owners and their dogs. We use kind training methods that improve the lives of both owners and their dogs. We use positive reinforcement training methods in all our services. Positive reinforcement has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be the most effective, long lasting and safest way to train a dog.
We provide supportive help, advice and techniques to tackle canine behavioural problems. We
look at dog behaviour problems from a dog psychology perspective, which gets to the root of the
problem and allows us and owners to resolve problems in a positive, kind and effective way.

Sally Masterton

Sally is a Canine Behaviourist and Trainer. Sally founded the business and has over 30 years’
experience in training dogs and helping dogs to cope with problems – not punishing them for
having problems. Sally coaches owners to build their knowledge of how their dog thinks, learns
and communicates, which leads to a better understanding of their canine friends and harmonious
and happy relationships.
Sally is an advocate of positive reinforcement training methods, which are kind and effective, and
build a unique bond, communication and mutual respect between dogs and their humans
through good training.
Sally’s three-year-old Springer Spaniel is an invaluable member of the team. He is fully whistle
trained and assists in many aspects of training and dog walking. He has also been specifically
trained to teach puppies recall and good behaviours as well as acceptable socialisation skills.

Erin Coulter

Erin is currently undertaking a Diploma in Dog Behaviour, Psychology and Training and is
following in Sally’s footsteps to become an accredited Canine Behaviour Specialist and Dog
Trainer. Erin is already an accomplished puppy trainer and professional dog walker. Erin owns
two fully trained working Retrievers, both of whom are used as training dogs.

Heather Whyte and Angela Skea

Heather and Angela complete our professional dog walking team. Angela has many years’
experience of training Collie dogs. She has three Collie dogs, two of whom are in their dotage.
Heather is particularly experienced in walking smaller breeds and like Angela, tending to the
needs of our golden oldies.
All walks adhere to the rules of the countryside.