Does your dog have Fritos feet?

Have you ever smelt your dog’s feet? (we won’t ask why). Do they smell like Fritos? Well before you get mad at your dog for sneaking through your cupboards and eating your chips, wait until you hear about the phenomenon amongst dogs known as ‘Fritos feet‘.


Your dog’s feet are home to a certain type of bacteria , which¬†just happens to smell like Fritos. Kinda awesome if you ask me.


The bacteria is called Proteus or Pseudomonas, and gives off a yeasty smell that is reminiscent of corn chips. It’s perfectly normal, so don’t be alarmed if you smell it.


If Fritos aren’t your thing, you can try and scrub your dog’s feet more often to try and control the odor. But to be honest, we quite enjoy the smell at Dog Walking Dunfermline!¬†

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