Dog Walking Dunfermline – What do we do?

A passionate team of dog walkers.

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Welcome to Dog Walking Dunfermline, the best team of dog walkers in Dunfermline – and probably in Fife!

That’s certainly a bold statement for us to make. But we have the passion, the experience and the dedication to back it up!

We’ve lived in Dunfermline for our whole lives, and every single dog walker in our team has grown up with dogs in their lives.

We have worked with a range of different dogs, and can deal comfortably with whatever they chuck at us!

Usually we take a group of dogs out for walks, we like to make sure that they will be comfortable before we are prepared to take them out in Dunfermline. This means we will arrange a day to come and meet your dog (free of charge) so that we can become acquainted and feel comfortable together.

And we don’t just go for walks around Dunfermline. There are loads of great areas for walking across the whole of Fife, and as long as your dog feels comfortable travelling by car, we are prepared to take them wherever they fancy!

If you’d like to find out more about our team you can check out our Facebook page.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


What makes a good dog walker?

At dog walking Dunfermline, we think that we’re pretty good dog walkers. But not just because our customers have told us so. We try our best to do the following:

Good with dogs

Some people start walking dogs just to get a bit of extra pocket money. Looking after dogs is our passion, and we started this venture so that we could work with dogs every single day of our lives.

On time

We understand that the reason many people need dog walking services is because they are busy at work or doing other things. This makes it essential that our dog walkers turn up on tim every time, regardless of where you are in Dunfermline.


We’ve worked with dogs our whole lives, so we know what it’s like when your dog is out of the house – it can be pretty stressful! We pride ourselves on providing a careful and caring service that will give you peace of mind, and give your dog a breath of fresh air!


Going for the same walk round the house a few times isn’t exactly thrilling for your dog. We have access to cars, so as long as your dog is happy travelling outside of dunfermline, we can go anywhere in Fife! That means we can take your dog to the beach, woods, parks or even round the block if that’s what they like!

So there are a few things that we try to abide by with every single dog that we look after. If you’re in the Dunfermline area and you need an experienced team of dog walkers to help you out, get in touch with us today.

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