Covid 19

UPDATE FOR NOVEMBER 2020 – we’re currently unable to accept any new bookings due to coronavirus household restrictions. However please feel free to still contact us so we can arrange something for once the restrictions are eased.

Please see the below rules on the current guidelines for dog walkers in Scotland.

Professional dog walkers

Professional dog walkers must follow the physical distancing and good hygiene guidelines, including:

  • staying 2m away from pet owners at pick up and drop off
  • regular handwashing

If walking dogs in a group:

  • do not include any dogs from self-isolating or shielding households – these animals should be walked separately
  • keep all dogs in the group on a lead if necessary to avoid contact with other people and any dogs not in the walking group.
  • dogs may be allowed off lead in quiet or remote areas where contact with other people or dogs not in the walking group is unlikely
  • make your clients aware of this, so they can decide whether they want their dog to be walked separately or as part of the group

If you require further information please visit the below link: